Episode 2: The Enemy of Mankind

After watching the security tapes the investigators decided that the bar held no more clues, and the set off for the avatar of murder’s apartment in Zarkas's car. Arriving at the gray brick building, they headed up to the fifth floor where Conan Caine told them Saskia lived. However, knocking on her door revealed a young man who, upon questioning, identified himself as Quinn Finley, Saskia's boyfriend.

He let the gods into the room which was small, but recently painted and repaired. Quinn told the gods that Saskia would be up for work in a few minutes and that he could answer some of their questions in the meantime. Through their queries, he told them that he was at the movies with Saskia at the time of the murder. He admitted that he wasn't all that sad at Desdemona’s passing. Saskia had psychotic episodes when she was younger and murdered someone at her university. She was placed in an institution which is where he met her; Quinn was admitted for depression. He believed that being the avatar of murder was having a bad effect on Saskia and that because of Desdemona’s bad influence she was showing signs of her old psychoses.

Saskia finally entered and joined them once she cleaned up. When questioned she supported Quinn’s alibi which satisfied the investigators. Remembering their other clues, the gods asked if she recognized the murder weapon, which she identifies as her knife. She told them that she couldn't find it when they went out, but didn't look harder for it. They learned that Saskia was aware of the note from HHG. She received one like it but didn't know what HHG meant. When she brought it up to Desdemona, she said that she got the same note and would take care of it. Desdemona hung out with several other gods from the death department but was out of sorts leading up to the murder. Finally, they learned that Saskia had been receiving bonuses from work to clean up the apartment.

Unsure of what else to ask, the gods left to get to the coffee shop that Nancy had hinted that they should go to unobtrusively. Just before the time, Silik made them all disguises. Inside the coffee shop, they saw Memento working on her laptop. Then, Conan and Nancy arrived and move to her table. With a distraction from Bryan, Borras was able to slip to the table next to theirs in order to eavesdrop. It was revealed that Memento believed there was a group in the death department planning to kill the god of death. This was the higher priority case that Conan and Nancy were investigating. Borras overheard that a few members of the death department had formed a group known as the Hostis Humani Generis, Latin for “the enemy of mankind,” which the detective divinities suspected were the conspirators. They were Methuselah the god of aging, Apnea the goddess of drowning, Limos the goddess of starving, and Jerry Cruncher the god of graves. Nancy asked Memento if they could tell the investigators about HHG, but she told them that no one else could be trusted until the coup could be thwarted.

The team regrouped and discussed everything they learned. Deciding that HHG was their next target, they went to where they normally spent time, a local cemetery to spy on them. After driving there, they broke into and hid inside the mausoleum, with varying degrees of effectiveness, to await HHG’s arrival.



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